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The Beckley House Mission

The Beckley House Mission


 The Beckley House is a 12 Step Adventure based sober house for men 18 years and older, located in Canaan, CT. designed to offer men with drug addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse disorder an opportunity to build a strong program of recovery while living and enjoying life with like minded fellows.

Our mission is to provide a supportive and fun environment for men seeking to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

Our program focuses on responsibility, accountability, honor, compassion, 12 Step recovery programs, service and fun for our residents.

The Beckley House

The Beckley House is a grand old Victorian home and carriage house located in the heart of the Berkshires. Each resident resides in a fully furnished apartment with two or three fellow residents. 

Living in the Berkshires we are graced with the possibility of many adventures. Within 30 miles of the house there are two ski areas, fantastic white water rapids, several beautiful waterfalls, numerous hiking trails and great fishing and swimming. Our back yard opens up to a volleyball court, a fire pit and the trail to a  ridge with sweeping cliff top views. The YMCA, a public golf course and basketball courts are a short walk away. It is truly an amazing environment to start a new life.

Testimonials from former residents


M.R. - Former resident and Phase II Leader:

After going to CMC:Berkshires, I needed longer-term sober living to form good habits and grow as a sober man.

I'm so fortunate to have found The Beckley House, which provided just the right amount of structure while allowing me to connect with other men in early recovery.

Looking back, it's those connections that greatly impacted my ability to succeed and grow in sobriety.

R.R  Former resident and Phase II Leader

When I came from treatment at Clearbrook Manor, I was apprehensive about moving to The Beckley House to say the least. Broken and lost in the world with nothing left to lose, I had the willingness to give myself a chance. 

I've moved on, but with me came the discipline, integrity and life skills to live a successful life. I've gained much, but most importantly, I've regained self love. I'd never trade this life now and I have tremendous gratitude for the The Beckley House.

Program Overview


Phase I

All men are taken to two 12 Step meetings a day by Peer Leadership Cadre. These leaders support them in acquiring a sponsor and a home group and introduce them to the local community and life at Beckley. They are to be seeking employment and following all house guidelines. They are also to be involved with all house activities.  The management team will monitor each man's progress on a daily basis.

Phase II

Our residents are working, attending school or volunteering a minimum of 30 hours per week. They attend 12 Step meetings, have obtained a sponsor and home group and begun working the 12 Steps. Regular participation in house service and adventure activities is required for consideration for leadership positions.

Phase III

Phase III is a Leadership program. These residents hold service commitments in the House. They have the responsibility to mentor newer residents while maintaining their own recovery and guided development.

They also get reduced rent so they can save up for when they are ready to move on into their lives after Beckley.



Every week The Beckley House provides group activities such as hikes, paintball, bowling, whitewater rafting, skiing, sweat lodges, volleyball etc. These activities are part of the glue that binds us together as a family.

As giving back is an important part of the overall program, we also do volunteer work with Habitat For Humanity and other local organizations and individuals throughout the year. 

Recovery Case Management


Once a week all residents meet with the director or other appointed leadership staff to discuss their individual recovery goals, progress and plans, including 12 Step work, employment, education and day to day challenges. Residents are also referred to outside help as needed.

House Meetings


Wednesday House Meeting

Every Wednesday all residents gather for a family meal, followed by a House meeting where everyone has a chance to check in on their week, their recovery and their lives in general.



While not a formal meeting, just hanging out together and having fun is an integral part of the program.


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