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1. Will I be able to use my car?

Upon arrival at the home, you will be placed on a 2 week “buddy system”. During this time, you can have your car there, however, you will not be allowed access to it and can only leave if accompanied by someone from the home. This puts our residents in a position where they will have to ask for assistance and to ensure they are not alone during the initial transition. After those two weeks, car privileges are granted. All vehicles most be road legal including license, insurance, and current registration. Vehicles that are not road legal cannot be stored on property.

2. Can I take a weekend away?

After 60 days at Tidewater, our residents are eligible for up to 48-hour passes. Eligibility is determined by progress and participation in programming requirements and house guidelines.

3. Will I be given a job as soon as I arrive there? Do I have to work?

Jobs won’t be assigned right away. It is up to the individual to find one using the resources at their disposal including but not limited to asking current residents where there are openings, asking for help finding one at a local meeting, or going online and applying for yourself. It will not be difficult to find employment during your first two weeks here. We require that everyone find a job and work at least 30 hours per week per our Tidewater programming schedule. If additional assistance is needed in finding work, we can provide additional recommendations and referrals to various employers in the area. Community service and/or continuing education can be counted toward work requirements.

4. Will I be drug tested?
Residents are subjected to regular and random supervised drug tests administered by their respective house managers. Under special circumstances or if foul play is suspected individuals may be requested to submit a urine sample.

5. What about outpatient services? Will I be able to continue that while at the house?

At Tidewater, we believe in engagement with professional treatment services. Part of our requirements include completion of your treatment plan as recommended by your referring professional. Rides can be given to accommodate those without transportation, and any outpatient meeting will count as part of your Tidewater programming. At minimum, residents prescribed any psychiatric medication will be required to maintain engagement with an individual therapist and psychiatrist of their choosing.

6. What about medication?

At Tidewater, each resident is completely responsible for storing and self-administering all medications appropriately. We are unable to accept anyone who is prescribed a controlled substance or narcotic medication. For more information please be sure to reach out directly.

7. Can I have visitors? 

We try to limit the number of visitors at the houses to give our residents privacy and as a special privilege to our alumni. Special exceptions can be made. For example, having family members or friends help move you in on your first day.

8. Can I bring a pet?

It can be hard enough to take care of yourself during early recovery. For this reason, we do not allow pets to live with our residents. Tidewater programming is also structured for the initial transition back into everyday life. With this framework, we find it doesn’t take long for our residents to lead busy and fulfilling lives. Feel free to bring a plant!

9. Can I leave whenever I want?

Tidewater is a completely voluntary program. Our recommendation is for our residents to remain in Tidewater until they have reached their 9th step in recovery or one year. We also recommend making this decision with the support of your treatment professionals, peer supports, and family. Our required notice for the refund of the sober deposit is 30 days.

10. I don’t have a car, how will I get around?

Not to worry. Meeting attendance will be ensured with rides list during your first 2 weeks. Residents with cars sign up for the weekly rides list to ensure everyone in the house has a way to get to every single meeting. As far as finding a way to get to work all one must do is ask for help and it will be given!

Have questions that have not been answered here? Send us an e-mail and we will get back to you ASAP.

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