Beckley House Quick Reference

The Beckley House


A 12 Step Immersion and Working Sober House For Men

Have a program of recovery

Have a job

Have Fun!



More Coming Soon




Eight fully furnished apartments for 3 to 4

residents each

Cable TV

Flat screen 


In house Step meeting

Weekly house check in meeting

Adventure /Activities such as Skiing White Water Rafting, Bowling, Hiking Paintball, Six Flags, Sweat Lodge, Sober events; picnics, dances, parties etc.

Director lives on site

Resident leadership available 24/7   

Food not included

Required 12 Step program participation 

Employment 30 hrs wk minimum

           Drug testing                  

Local Unaffilliated Outpatient Care


            If desired, outpatient care is available within one mile at 

Mountainside Treatment Center  and McCall Center 

(not included in Beckley House fees)

Mountainside 860-824-1397

McCall Center  860-496-2100 

Other private practitioners are available in neighboring towns.     



E.B. Former Phase II Leader

 As my treatment at Marworth residential facility in Pennsylvania came to a close I came to understand that after multiple attempts at sobriety, I would not be able to find success on my own. After 28 days I found that although my mind had been partially cleared, and my physical health restored that I would greatly benefit from following the clinical suggestion of seeking sober living. Without any hope in sight I decided to follow through with committing to 3 months at The Beckley House in Canaan, CT. I made a decision to go somewhere I had never heard of to accomplish something I had never done. Upon arrival I had told myself that after 3 months I would return to NYC, start my life over, and move on completely from the whole experience. What I didn't know was what changed my life. I found the fellowship, brotherhood, support, and accountability that I never knew I was missing. The men in the house helped me with everything from getting my first meal to finding my first job. They introduced me to sober people in the community and showed me what it was like to have fun in sobriety and live life on life's terms. My 3 months turned into 13 months and my original expectations of "just staying clean" were completely abolished and surpassed. On July 8th, 2017 I am celebrating 2 years of continuous sobriety and I would not have been able to do this if it had not been for the support and love shown from the opportunity I was given to stay in the area. The Beckley House introduced me to real sobriety, real friendship, and a real program of action. Through this I have been able to regain family relationships, financial independence, and personal serenity. Today I am afforded the opportunity to continue my journey in this beautiful area, passing along my experience to the newcomer, and living a life that is beyond anything I ever considered good enough. 

Although I no longer live at Beckley House I will always hold respect for the program, and the people who welcomed me with open arms, and introduced me to life. 




Private pay

Initial payment $1900:

$1100 admin fee / $400 Deposit / $400 covers rent for two weeks

$200 per week after that 

Transportation charges from treatment may apply